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Manual Facer Extension kit
July 7, 2023
Normaco Manual Facer
Manual Facer S
February 28, 2023

3-Axis Portable Milling Machine

Normaco PMH3 Milling Machine is portable and pneumatically powered 3-axis milling machine.
This milling machine is suitable for general on-site milling work and can be used in refineries, shipyards, fabrication, etc.

The Portable Milling Machine is mounted directly to the work piece by bolting, welding or using a magnet base. Pneumatic motor and low milling cutter speed make it possible to use the portable milling machine in areas where cold work is a requirement.

The Portable Milling Machine is powered by high quality air motors. X-axis is driven by an air motor or manually with a handwheel. The spindle has powerful 3kw air motor.

Key Benefits
  • Durable hardened guide rails – no moving parts
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Pneumatic drive with IS040 Spindle
  • X-Axis auto-feeding
  • Cold work - no sparking

Technical Data 


Available lengths  X-travel:

1000 mm
2000 mm
Y-travel: 300 mm
Z-travel: 80mm
Feed X-axis: pneumatic 1.1kW & manual
Y-axis: manual
Z-axis: manual
Spindle Spindle speed: 100-850rpm
Motor: Pneumatic 3kW
Depth measurement system
Spindle ISO40
Direct drive
Mounting Welded or bolted base
Magnet base clamping
Machine delivery includes
Transport box
Set of hand tools for operating the machine
CE certification and manual
Weights Operational weight: 380 kg
Shipping weight: 450 kg
Transport weight: 180 kg
Z-axis can be rotated +/- 45 degrs on the portable milling machine

The spindle can be rotated +/- 45 degrees

3-Axis Portable Milling Machine PMH3
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