Normaco NFF305 Flange facer
Flange Facer NFF305
April 27, 2020
Normaco Air Safety Device
Air Safety Devices
November 12, 2019

2-Axis Portable Milling Machine

Normaco 2- Axis Milling Machine is portable and pneumatically powered 2-axis milling machine.

  • General purpose on-site milling
  • Extremely light weight and easily portable
  • Pneumatic motor for working in areas where ignition sources are not allowed
  • Compact design

Machine is mounted directly to the workpiece by bolting, welding with a magnet base or vacuum pads. It is equipped with linear guideways and ball screws that give the machine accuracy and stability required. It is easily separated into portable sized parts each weighing under 30kg and thus it can be easily carried to the job site. Dismantling and re-assembly takes only few minutes.

Technical Data of the Standard Machine


X-travel: 460 mm
( can be modified according to requirement)

Z-travel: 80 mm


X-axis: manual

Z-axis: manual


Speed 850rpm

Motor: Pneumatic 3kW

Depth measurement

Spindle BT30


Face mill max diameter 50 mm

End mill max diameter 20 mm

Standard: Welded / bolted base

Optional; magnet base 600 kg / Vacuum clamping system

Machine delivery includes Machine
Transport box
Set of hand tools for operating the machine
CE-certification and operation manual

Operational weight: 51 kg

Transport weight: 80 kg