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November 12, 2019
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November 4, 2019

V-Groove Measuring Kit

Kit for measuring accurately RTJ flange groove depth and width.

Normaco V-groove measuring kit is built to be easy and comfortable to use. There is no need to calibrate the device after changing the balls. The measurement balls have corrosion resistant surface coating giving the kit long life time.

Technical Data

Contents of the kit: Quantity
Analogue Depth Micrometer 0-25mm 1
Key for Micrometer 1
Holder Block 2
Measurement Balls
Ø 0.125"
Ø 0.188"
Ø 0.250"
Ø 0.375"
Ø 0.500"
Ø 0.750"
Ø 0.875"
Connecting Rod L=240mm 1
Connecting Rod L=480mm 1
Hex key 4mm 1
Screws for fixing Balls 4
Block Fixing Thumb Screw 2
Factory Inspection Certificate 1
Weight 3,6 kg
Dimensions 490 x 160 x 45 mm
Normaco V Groove Measuring Kit

Measuring Arc

With the help of the Normaco Measuring Arc, the flange can be measured while the flange facing machine is still mounted on the flange.

Normaco Measuring Arc
Normaco Measuring Arc