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3-Axis Portable Milling Machine
November 4, 2019
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Flange Bolt Cutting Saw
October 28, 2019

Portable Drill

Normaco heavy duty portable drill is a machine built especially for the offshore industry for boring and stud removal. Normaco portable drill offers capability to drill blind holes and deep holes.
Being fully pneumatic, it is perfect for working in areas where ignition sources are not allowed. Pneumatic feeding system increases user comfort.
Normaco portable drill can be split in parts that can be carried by hand to the job site by two operators.
The drill can be bolted or welded to a flat work piece. For clamping on pipes the chain clamp is a fast and secure fixing method.
As all Normaco products, the drill can be configured to meet specific job requirements. For example, stroke length, max drill size, spindle bore, and drive type can all be customized to meet the spec of the job.

Technical Data of the Standard Machine

Maximum tool diameter

100 mm twist drill
175 mm core drill (requires adaptors)


Frame 34 kg
Spindle unit 27 kg
Total 61 kg

Dimensions (mm)

L780 x H314 x W150

Input air requirement

4 m3 / min, 7 bar


Spindle bore

Weldon 50

Spindle speed

96 rpm

Spindle Drive Pneumatic - 3 kW

0.1 kW Pneumatic
Manual Feeding

Feed length 376 mm
Feed rate (free) 3 mm / min
Mounting options Welded/ bolted base plate
Chain clamp

Control Unit

Dimensions 360 x 480 x 172mm

12 kg


Feed control up / down / stop

Spindle start/stop

Feed speed control


Prevention of accidental start-up
Emergency stop

The control unit is used to control the drill functions. Starting and stopping the spindle of the drill and feeding (forwards / reverse / stop). The unit also has safety functionality such as prevention of accidental start up and emergency stop to keep the operator safe.

Machine includes

Drill with spindle motor

Control device for air motors

Alumium storage and transport box

Set of hand tools for operating the machine


Operation manual


Air treatment set

Adjustable drill mounting plate.

Chain base

Magnet base
Spindle adaptors Weldon 50 to Morse 5/4/3