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Air safety devices

Air safety devices are created for the protection of the operator and the machine.

Normaco air devices come in three levels; Safety Air Device with detachable foot pedal, Safety air device without the pedal and basic Air treatment set.

Metal case makes all the models durable protecting the critical components from damage. Devices are designed to be compact taking minimum amount of space in transport and on-site.

Air safety device with foot pedal by Normaco

Safety Air Device

Increased safety and comfort for the use of pneumatic machinery

Main features are:

  • Emergency stop
  • Downstream bleed after stop
  • Prevention of accidental start up.
  • Foot pedal for using the pneumatic machinery hands-free.
  • Air filtering and lubrication

Air Treatment Set

Essential for working with air motors

Main features are;
Air filtering and lubrication

Technical Data

  Air Treatment Set Air Safety Device Air Safety Device with Foot Pedal
Part No. 300592 300591 300590
Weight (kg) 7.6 8.1 11.1
Dimensions (cm) 37x19x28 37x19x28 37x19x28
Filter-regulator & lubricator
Foot pedal remote (detachable)    
Accidental startup prevention  
Downstream bleed after stop  
Emergency stop  
Output hose lenght 2m 2m 2m
Output coupling US CLAW US CLAW US CLAW
Input coupling; configurable US/EU CLAW US/EU CLAW US/EU CLAW

Foot pedal hose length

N/A N/A 2m
Filter 5 µm
Oil container 135 cm³
Flow rate 2910 l/min *
Regulator Pressure Range 0.05-0.7Mpa
Max Inlet Pressure 1MPa
Operating temperature range 0  - 60 °C (No Freezing)

*conditions; input 0.7MPa. ΔP 0.12MPa (ANR)

Air safety device from top