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Flange Bolt Cutting Saw

Normaco Flange Bolt Cutting Saw is a machine for cutting bolts on flanges. It offers an easy way to remove bolts that cannot be opened due to corrosion.

Flange Bolt Cutting Saw has a very low weight. Due to to its modular construction it can be quickly dismantled into parts that a single operator is able to carry by hand. Flexible mounting system makes it possible to clamp the machine on flanges with maximum diameter of 25000 mm.

With one machine it is possible to cut all bolt sizes up to M72. When using nut splitters several heads are typically required to cover the same range, increasing the size of the investment.


Flange bolt cutting saw assembled
Key benefits
  • Cuts all bolts up to M72 with one machine
  • Cold work due to low rpms and air motor
  • Easily portable machine
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Powerful motor

Flange Bolt Cutting Saw is clamped around the flange with a light and easy clamping system. The cutting disc is fed by a handwheel providing stable and constant feed rate that optimizes the lifetime of the tool and the speed of the cut. Flange Bolt Cutter is equipped with air motor.

Technical Data
Disc diameter Max Ø 350 mm
Motor Pneumatic 0.8kW
Air Consumption / Supply Required 1,6 m3/min @ 5 bar
Max cutting dept 104 mm
Max bolt size


Max flanges (acc ANSI B16.5)

2500lbs 12”
1500lbs 18”
900lbs 26”
600lbs 36”
400lbs 40”
300lbs 36”

Clamping range

Max D2500 mm
Min D250 mm


Mounting base 6 kg
Cutting unit 30 kg
Total: 36kg

Machine dimensions Main frame 315 x 450 x 642mm
bolt that is cut in half with the normaco flange bolt cutting saw
Machine delivery includes
  • Machine with motor
  • HSS Saw blade 1pcs
  • Clamping system for flanges
  • CE certificate and operation manual
  • Transport box
Flange Bolt Cutting Saw
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