Extension kit for manual flange facing device
Manual Facer Extension kit
July 7, 2023

Tools for Pipe Cutting and Beveling

Normaco tools are perfect for any split-frame / clamshell pipe cutting machine that has a suitable toolholder. We produce tools also for beveling machines.

Our HSS tools for pipe cutting and beveling are made of the highest quality tool steel and offer excellent performance. Material grade has high cobalt content that makes the tools perfect for high performance cutting. HSS tool bits have long lifetime and can be re-ground multiple times. All tools are supplied in protective wax coating

We also offer tools with high grade inserts for both cutting and beveling operations.


Custom Made Tools

We manufacture custom tooling and can make tools for any required weld preparation such as J-preps and compound bevels

Additionally we offer bespoke beveling tools for any beveling / end-prep machine, according to customer requirement

HSS Cutting and Beveling Tools
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