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LW CC Pipe Cutting Machine
October 13, 2020
Normaco NFF305 Flange facer
Flange Facer NFF305
April 27, 2020
Simultaneous cut and bevel with using Normaco tool bits

HSS Cutting Tools for Pipe Cutting and Beveling

Normaco tools are perfect for any split-frame / clamshell pipe cutting machine that has a suitable toolholder. In our standard stock range we have tools for cutting pipes up to 80mm wall thickness and beveling tools for compound and plain bevels.

Our tools for pipe cutting and beveling are made of the highest quality tool steel and offer excellent performance. Material grade has high cobalt content that makes the tools perfect for high performance cutting. HSS tool bits have long lifetime and can be re-ground multiple times.

All tools are supplied in protective wax coating

HSS Tools for Pipe Cutting
Item nr.DescriptionMax pipe wall thickness (mm)Cutting width (mm)Size (mm)Length (mm)
300680Cutting tool 45x5mm45512.5 x 19100
300682Cutting tool 45x8mm45812.5 x 19100
300684Cutting tool 55x5mm55512.5 x 19150
300686Cutting tool 55x8mm55812.5 x 19150
300688Cutting tool 80x6mm80612.5 x 19175
300689Cutting tool 80x9mm80912.5 x 19175

HSS Tools for Simultaneous Cutting and Beveling of Pipes
Item nr.NameSize (mm)Length (mm)
301112Cut & Beveltool - RH 30deg Lead19x25150
301113Cut & Beveltool - RH 30deg Follow19x25150
301114Cut & Beveltool - LH 30deg Lead19x25150
301115Cut & Beveltool - LH 30deg Follow19x25150
301116Cut & Beveltool - RH 37.5deg Lead19x25150
301117Cut & Beveltool - RH 37.5deg Follow19x25150
301118Cut & Beveltool - LH 37.5deg Lead19x25150
301119Cut & Beveltool - LH 37.5deg Follow19x25150
301121Cut & Beveltool - RH 37/10deg Lead19x25150
301122Cut & Beveltool - RH 37/10deg Follow19x25150

HSS Tools for Pipe Beveling
Item nr.NameSize (mm)Length (mm)
300690Beveling tool RH - 5°19x25150
300691Beveling tool LH - 5°19x25150
300692Beveling tool RH - B22.5°19x25150
300693Beveling tool LH - B22.5°19x25150
300694Beveling tool RH - B25°19x25150
300695Beveling tool LH - B25°19x25150
300696Beveling tool RH - 27°19x25150
300697Beveling tool LH - 27°19x25150
300698Beveling tool RH - B30°19x25150
300700Beveling tool LH - B30°19x25150
300702Beveling tool RH - B35°19x25150
300703Beveling tool RH - B37.5°19x25150
300705Beveling tool LH - B37.5°19x25150
300707Beveling tool RH - B37.5/10°19x25150
300709Beveling tool LH - B37.5/10°19x25150

HSS Tools for Cutting Thin Wall Pipes

Used in combination with a beveling tool for cut & bevel in one go

Item nr.DescriptionCutting width (mm)Size (mm)Length (mm)
300699Cutting tool RH - B30°419x25150
300701Cutting tool LH - B30°419x25150
300704Cutting tool RH - 37°419x25150
300706Cutting tool LH - 37°419x25150
300708Cutting tool RH - 37/10°419x25150
300710Cutting tool LH - 37/10°419x25150

Custom Made Tools

We manufacture custom tooling and can make tools for any required weld preparation such as J-preps and compound bevels

Additionally we offer bespoke beveling tools for any beveling / end-prep machine, according to customer requirement