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November 12, 2019
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October 28, 2019

V-Groove Measuring Kit

V-groove measuring Kit is used for measuring groove diameter & width and depth of the groove on a RTJ or compact flange. The kit comes with two connecting rods, that allow for measuring of maximum groove diameter of 440mm. The short rod allows the kit to be used with small OD mounted flange facing machines.
Normaco V-groove measuring kit is built to be easy and comfortable to use. There is no need to calibrate the device after changing the measurement balls, saving time on-site.
The measurement balls have corrosion resistant surface coating giving the kit long life time.

Technical Data

Technical Data: V-Groove kit  Measuring Arc 
Max measuring Ø 440 mm 1196 mm
Min measuring Ø 24 mm 24 mm
Weight in use 1 kg 2 kg
Shipping weight 4 kg 8 kg
Shipping dimensions 49 x 16 x 5cm 65 x 39 x 4cm
Part number 301268 301776