pair of beveling tools by Normaco
HSS Cutting and Beveling Tools
July 9, 2020

Normaco LW CC – Portable Split frame machines for pipe cold cutting and beveling for pipes from 2" to 48".

Extremely strong and reliable clamshell type machine that is easily portable. LW CC features split frame design that makes it quick to mount on in-line pipes. It has been developed for the demanding Norwegian offshore market where the machines have been running for over 20 years.

Normaco LW Cold Cutter can be supplied either with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drive. All motors are designed to power the machine efficiently, smoothly and with high torque.

Due to the low machining speed and pneumatic motor, cutting is done as “cold-work” without sparking. Additionally, there remains no heat affected zone on the cutting area.

LW CC has excellent stability and performance even when cutting materials such as Inconel, stainless, and other high-alloy steels. There is virtually no limit on the thickness of the pipe.

Each machine is equipped with clamping feet for the specified range. Dedicated feet for each pipe size with solid construction bring superior stability compared to telescopic or stackable clamping solutions.

LW CC Key benefits;
  • Solid locators
  • Modular design
  • Rigid double bearing arrangement
  • Tool mounting flexible to allow many kinds of tools to be used
  • Safety feeding system that keeps operators hands away from the danger zone
  • Rigid frame construction
  • Light aluminium body
  • Only 4 keys needed to operate the machine
  • Selection of powerful drives for every occasion
  • Air safety device for operators safety

As all Normaco products, LW CC is European made quality product .

Normaco LW CC Clamshell on a pipe with cutting tools
CodeMachine NamePipe Range (DN)Clamping Range (mm)
LW02LW CC 0½-02"DN15-DN5020-73
LW06LW CC 02-06"DN50 - DN15058-178
LW08LW CC 04-08"DN100-DN200104-227
LW10LW CC 05-10"DN125-DN250132-281
LW12LW CC 06-12"DN150-DN300161-335
LW14LW CC 08-14"DN200-DN350212-363
LW16LW CC 10-16"DN250-DN400265-416
LW18LW CC 12-18"DN300-DN450314-464
LW20LW CC 14-20"DN350-DN500345-519
LW24LW CC 18-24"DN450-DN600443-622
LW30LW CC 24-30"DN600-DN750594-779
LW36LW CC 30-36"DN750-DN900747-927
LW43LW CC 36-43"DN900-DN1050+900-1103
LW48LW CC 40-48"DN1000-DN12001006-1244

LW CC Dimensions

Overall Dimensions






C min













LW CC Drives

We offer reliable and powerful drives for our LW CC split frame pipe cutting machines. From the powerful hydraulic drive to the economical electric drive, we have the drive option for you that will make it possible to execute the machining job quickly and efficiently

Drive Options

Drive type Powerinput
Air Drive 3kW3kW3000l/[email protected]
Air Drive 1.7kW1.7kW2100l/[email protected]
Hydraulic 8kW11kW60l/[email protected]
Servo Drive 3.5kW3.5kW400v 3phase
Servo Drive 1.5kW1.5kW230v 1phase
Electric Drive1.8kW230v 1phase
Air motor of the LW CC split frame machine

Operator using LW CC pipe cutting machine to cut a pipe upside down.

Normaco LW CC is equipped with quick clamping tool holders that make it possible to mount and adjust the tool holder position easily and quickly.

Tool holders come as standard in four different lengths. Tool holders are chosen based on what is the cutting depth required and radial space around the pipe.

For special solutions, see below or contact us!

Feed parametersmminch
Tool holder feed #190.35
Tool holder feed #235 1.4
Tool holder feed #3(standard)61 2.4
Tool holder feed #490 3.54
Feed Ratemm/rotationinch/rotation
Feed with single feed0.11/256
Feed with double feed0.2 1/128

Included in the Machine

  • Machine
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Full set of clamping feet
  • Hand tools required for operating the machine
  • Transport and storage case
  • Operation Manual


We provide for the LW CC all needed tooling and equipment.

Special Solutions

We have wide range of ready solutions for special machining applications, contact us for details
  • Counterbore unit for inside diameter calibration and beveling
  • External Turning Module for machining the outside diameter of the pipe
  • Low Profile Toolblock for pipe cutting in axially limited space
  • Deck Cutting Kit for machining man holes to metal decking
  • In-side Out Cutting Kit - for cutting pipes from inside out
  • Extended Toolblock for maximum tool reach
  • Springloaded Toolblock for cutting and beveling out-of-round (oval) pipes
  • Flange Facing Attachement for quick leveling of flange/pipe end surface
  • Front Gear for cases when there is space limitation at the back of the machine
  • Adjustable right angle gear for cases when there space limitation at the back of the machine