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July 9, 2020
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April 20, 2020

NFF305 Flange Facer

Normaco's NFF305 is flange facing machine that mounts on the outside diameter of the flange.

It is designed to be capable of re-machining flanges with workshop accuracy, extending the lifetime of the flanges

As the NFF305 is built for the Norwegian off-shore industry, it comes as a standard with the capability to machine compact flanges thanks to its' swiveling arm and build-in indicator system.

The NFF305 comes as equipped with extended clamping legs that makes it possible to machine wide range of flanges with just one machine

It is constructed using the highest quality materials and components giving it durability and long life time.

Aluminium frame design makes it light and easy to handle.

Normaco Manual Facer can make all common flange surface finishes; stock, phonographic or smooth finish. Surface finish depends on the selected facing tool and feed screw.

Technical Data
Operational Parametersmminch
Minimum Facing Diameter 0 0
Maximum Facing Diameter305 12
Clamping range 93 - 290 3.6 - 11.4
Extended Clamping Range 0 - 4300 - 16.9
Tool holder feed 55 2.1
Facing Feed Ratesmm/rotationinch/rotation
Feed In0.81/32
Feed Out0.2 1/64

Machinable Flanges
  • Flat face flange (FF)
  • Compact flange
  • Raised face flange (RF)
  • Ring joint flange (RTJ)
  • Lap joint flange
  • Male and female flange (M&F)
  • Large and small tongue-and-groove flange (T&G)
Achievable Finishes
  • Spiral serrated
  • Smooth finish

Drive data
Motor rotation speed271 rpm
Machine rotation speed36 rpm
Drive0.8kW Pneumactic
Air Consumption / Supply Required 1,6 m3/min @ 6 bar

Ring assembly w/o motor3168
inner housing assembly1022
Drive assembly6.514
Clamping leg assembly x4 1431
Full operational weight62137
Shipping weight95210

Included in the Machine

  • Machine
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Full set of clamping feet
  • Hand tools required for operating the machine
  • Transport and storage case
  • Operation Manual