About Indutrade

About Indutrade

Indutrade is an international industrial group that develop and acquire companies that are characterised by high-tech-know-how and an ability to build enduring, close relationships with customers and suppliers.

We operate through more than 200 subsidiaries with some + 7 000 employees in more than 30 countries, on six continents.

Our companies manufacture, develop and sell components, systems and services with a high-tech content. We offer sustainable solutions that enhance our own, and our customers competitiveness.

Customers can be found in a wide range of industries, including engineering, healthcare, energy, water/waterwaste, transport, food and infrastructure.

Our Values

PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! We are a people-first organisation and we believe there are real benefits of belonging to the Indutrade family, built on people with the mindset to support each other with knowledge and establish best practices in relevant areas.


We are entrepreneurial with a strong business engagement and are determinedly committed to continuously driving, developing and improving the business.


We are a decentralised group with a strong local presence. We believe that the best decisions are made locally and by those closest to the customer.

Long-Term Perspective

We focus on profitability and our definition of success is to achieve sustainable profitability, growth that will benefit individuals, companies and society.